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Arnold To Swimmer, "I'll Be Back"

From AccessHollywood:

While vacationing with his family in Maui, [Arnold] Schwarzenegger, who was swimming out into the Pacific to meet up with wife Maria Shriver, passed a man who was having difficulty swimming and breathing. After asking if the man was OK and getting a response of "no," the Governor rushed to grab a boogie board.

While treading 20-foot deep water, Schwarzenegger picked the man up, put him on the board, and swam him to shore. Schwarzenegger sat with the man for a while and upon leaving, instructed him to "sit here for another thirty minutes." The man, who is doing fine, thanked the Governor and both gentlemen resumed their vacations.

Lucky for the swimmer he didn't give him the "hasta la vista, baby" line.


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Comments (2)

he then grabbed the man's b... (Below threshold)

he then grabbed the man's butt...

Go get 'em Governor Arnold.... (Below threshold)

Go get 'em Governor Arnold. That's a good samaritan in action. I'll smoke cigars in your honor anytime....






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