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How to handle the Japanese hostage problem

Everyone wants their say on what to do about the Japanese hostage problem. It appears a great number of Japanese people are taking their cues from Spain and are advocating running and hiding.

I have a better solution. Japan should immediately announce that they are sending 5,000 more troops to Iraq. They should also announce that if a single hostage is harmed they are sending 10,000 more.

If the world treated terrorists like that, we would have no more terrorist problem.


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We were just talking about ... (Below threshold)

We were just talking about this here at my workplace. Some felt that burning the Japanese hostages alive would result in greater worldwide outrage than 9/11. Even an old enemy of Japan like China probably wouldn't sit still for something like that.

You never can tell Fritz...... (Below threshold)

You never can tell Fritz...

George Bush has been blamed for... (in no order)

A recession he inherited
A hurricane
The earthquake in Iran
The wildfires in California
A Jobless recovery (that has created jobs by some measures)
The New England Blackout
Some goofy fly that ate some crops in Cali. (i forget)
The bird Flu
The Human Flu
Running out of Flu vaccine
Mad Cow

and probably a whole bunch of other shit I forget.

If the terrorists burn the hostages just wait 24 hours and some Dem will blame it on George Bush.


Oh and don't forget the guys from the 9/11 commission that wanted to know why Bush did not reply to the Cole which happened on Clinton's watch.






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