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But They Should Have Connected the Dots

CNN's lies aside, the spin of the day is that "they should have connected the dots." Kevin Drum stretches more than a Cirque du Soleil contortionist when he finds this story:

BBC, July 18, 2001, reporting on preparations for the G8 summit in Genoa: "The huge force of officers and equipment which has been assembled to deal with unrest has been spurred on by a warning that supporters of Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden might attempt an air attack on some of the world leaders present."

From there he concludes that because Laden might attempt an "air attack" it should have been plainly obvious that 4 teams of hijackers were going to take off from different cities, carry blades that were legal at the time, overpower the flight crews and fly the planes into buildings killing themselves and everyone on board.

Putting aside Kevin's bizarre critical thinking skills, Let's have fun-

We all know Al Gore is sooo much smarter than George Bush, let's say Al Gore was elected in 2000.

Let's say it was Al Gore who asked for that document and received it. (Forget for a second that it is not Al Gore's job but the people who wrote that paper to connect the dots.)

Let's pretend Al Gore read the PDB and exclaimed "Dammit Man! Don't you remember Genoa? Bin Laden might attempt an 'air attack!'"

In short, thanks to Al Gore's overwhelming intelligence, we connected the dots. So what?

What exactly could/would have been done to prevent 9/11?

Now before you answer remember a few things...

1) You have to stop all 4 teams of Hijackers or you only have a smaller catastrophe.

2) We did not even profile Arab men the week AFTER 9/11 so you can't stop them at the gate.

3) The blades they carried were legal so calling for better inspections won't stop it.

4) You have no idea WHEN it is going to happen. (these people think in years)

5) You have no idea IF it is going to happen.

6) You have no idea WHERE it is going to happen.

7) You ain't sure what exactly an "air attack" is.

8) You can't pass any new laws because A: You don't have time to get something thru Congress and B: You don't know what laws will stop it anyway.

9) You can't use the "reinforce cockpit doors" thing, you only have 30 days.

10) Sky Marshals on every plane is out. You could never justify that before 9/11... We can't justify it now!

11) With the exception of a random speculation here or there, nobody ever realistically ever considered using a plane as a suicide bomb.

12) You can't say you would investigate it more... We had already had 70 investigations going AND...

13) What ever you pick, you only have about 24 work days to implement it.

I could go on but you get the point. Even if Al Gore "connected the dots" 9/11 still happens.

Sadly, some people in this country have decided to exploit the deaths of over 3000 people for political gain. They try to create scandal where there is none straining all sense of credulity in the process. Winning the war on terror is secondary to regaining political power. These people repulse me.

Partisanship is fine. I actually think it is heathy in a democracy. This ain't that.

This has risen to a whole new level of insanity. This is being willing to sacrifice the security of this nation to grab political power. It is not about finding out what happened to cause 9/11. It is certainly not about making sure it never happens again.

It is all about distorting the truth anyway possible to win an election.

Bush had no chance of stopping 9/11 just as Gore would have had no chance even if he "connected the dots." The people trying to exploit this tragedy should at least pretend to have some intellectual honesty.


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Comments (9)

In Gore's case I would assu... (Below threshold)

In Gore's case I would assume you refer to some sort of "Digital dots." In Honor of his invention of the internet of course.

No, Paul, I have to disagre... (Below threshold)

No, Paul, I have to disagree. This is partisanship: no more, and no less.

Intellectual honesty -- honesty of any stripe, actually -- will always take a back seat to the lust for power among the priorities of those who yearn to rule. Ordinary, decent people cannot understand this, which is why they keep buying into politicians' gaudy promises and clever lies.

Politicians are not like the rest of us.

The Democrat spin is entire... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The Democrat spin is entirely ignoring the fact that both the Bush and previous administrations were and had been doing something. There were 70 ongoing FBI investigations, reports were reaching the president. Was the president supposed to assume that the FBI and any other government org was not handling things correctly that they knew about based on the PDB. The PDB also doesn't document all that the gov't over the years WAS doing to address terrorism.

Of Course the liberal pundits get a free pass as in hind sight we can see that what had been done was not enough.

But, for this PDB to be a signal for Bush, or any previous administration, to take action would be to ask. Is there enough information in this PDB to gut the current intelligence structure in this country, create homeland security, new airport security structure, get congressional support and funding for all the former. And all before 9/11.

The point is not that we didn't know at all or weren't taking any action. The point is that we didn't now enough to take the extreme actions that we are currently at today. The PDB did not make that case with the 'facts' it contains to make that quantum leap in security efforts.

"let's say Al Gore was elec... (Below threshold)

"let's say Al Gore was elected in 2000"

Yes, let's do say that. Most Americans have already said it.

And we should all thank God... (Below threshold)

And we should all thank God our forefathers has the sense to use the electoral college system.

The "Oregonians' email addr... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The "Oregonians' email address says who really says the Al Gore was elected in 2000. Thank God the SCOTUS stopped the coup d'etat attempted by the SCOFLA (Supreme Court of Florida)

The entire "system" was rig... (Below threshold)

The entire "system" was rigged against any adminstration's chances of connecting the dots. If an FBI agent working a criminal case against a guy for a credit card scam can't share his information with the agent in the next cubical investigating the same guy as a counter-terrorism invesgtigation because we know he was trained in the Sudan by Bin Laden without a request going all the way up the chain of command (where it was inevitably killed) then no one could have connected the dots.

That was precisely the intention of the "new rules" the legislature passed over the last 30 years. They got what they wanted: a weakened intelligence apparatus. Unfortunately, they failed to realize they would, in effect, contribute to 9/11. It was inevitable.

And I'm disgusted that CNN, Drum, etc, are too lazy to figure this out.

Upon re-reading my comment,... (Below threshold)

Upon re-reading my comment, I don't want to say that they "contributed to 9/11," because that's not what I mean and it lessens the blame on Atta & Co. and ultimately they're who did this to us.

I rather say an enivironment was created that inhibited our ability to "connect the dots."

Regarding #2, <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Regarding #2, as this article points out, it's not at all clear that they all used just box cutters to take the planes. This is a pretty key point. I think before 9/11 I never imagined they would do that..but a seemingly unrelated pet peeve of mine was the increasing number of irate and drunk people on planes. They would get out of control, disobey the flight crew, and in some cases try to break into the cockpit. Airline employees complained bitterly, but it seems as though nothing was done to increase security in the skys. Perhaps no one forsaw exactly what would happen on that Tuesday, but ignoring another very serious problem led in part to it being easier to pull off as an unintended consequence






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