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Weekend Caption Contest Winners

This week’s Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest ™ has concluded. There were many entries (quite possibly a record), but they almost uniformly stunk. Stunk on ice. Fortunately, three were posted at the last moment that saved this week from being declared “no winner.”

The winning entries were all posted by “Jay Tea,” and here they are, in no particular order:

1) “Hey, you guys are all dressed like chickens! That’s funny!”

2) “Wow, when you guys fart, it’s really fowl! Get it? Fowl!”

3) “Everyone, look at me! I’m Colonel Sanders! See the suit?”

That wraps up this week’s contest. I’d like to thank everyone who entered. Better luck next time.


Real results to be posted shortly.


Comments (2)

What no pull my finger joke... (Below threshold)

What no pull my finger joke? I'm so disappointed.

#2 was a fart joke, at leas... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

#2 was a fart joke, at least. McGeHee had already covered the "chicken finger" bit.

I was also a smidgen disappointed that you didn't take the chance to enter. Guess you were too busy wreaking havoc across the blogosphere (but in a GOOD way).

Thanks again for letting me run this. It was a blast, but NOT being able to enter was getting almost painful. Any time you and/or Rodney feel like taking a week off, just gimme a day or two to root around for another silly photo.


p.s.: My first attempt to post this was rejected, with the following message: "Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: g_o r_o" (with underscores added by me). What the dickens does THAT mean?






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