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Weekend Caption Contest Winners (for real)

All right, fun’s fun, but this week’s caption contest is now officially closed. There were quite a few good entries, but only three could make the cut. This week’s winners are:

1) Fritz, Why did the chicken cross United Nations Plaza?

To get to The Trump World Tower, one of the most luxurious residential towers in the world!

This stunning new landmark offers elegantly over-sized condominium residences that range from superb one, two and three bedrooms to sumptuous penthouses with four bedrooms, formal dining rooms, maid's rooms and wood burning fireplaces. Every home also offers ten to sixteen foot ceiling heights, extraordinary room proportions and spectacular River or City views. Designed to rival the world's five-star hotels, amenities and services include a private spa and health club with a 60-foot swimming pool, a world-class restaurant, a private wine cellar, a landscaped garden, around-the-clock concierges, doormen, security and extensive service staff, even valet parking in the garage. Spectacular one, two, three, and four-bedroom condominium residences are priced from $952,500 to over $13,500,000. For sales information, please call (212) 247-7000.

2)Rodney Dill, After the SNL skit the whole entourage appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman" to kick-off the new segment: Stupid Eggomaniac Billionaire Tricks

And 3), Judi, Expanding his real estate empire~the Donald has purchased Sesame Street and replaced "Chicken Dance Elmo" with himself.

Since I don’t expect to have this opportunity again, I’m going to offer an extended awards list. See below for details.

The “Jay Tea Memorial Can’t You Just Shut The Hell Up Award” for most entries goes to Rodney Dill and his six offerings.

The “Inadvertent Plagiarist Award” (previously known as the “first entrant to independently come up with a caption I had thought of award”) goes to McGeHee for his “You’re fried!” entry. (The other one I had ready was “Up against the wall, mothercluckers!”)

The “Most Creative Use Of Cut And Paste To Come Up With An Original, Funny Entry Without Typing Hardly A Single Original Word Of One’s Own” award goes to Fritz and his ad for Trump Tower.

The “Out Of The Mouths Of Fratboy Babe-Hunters” award is split between Jeff and Rodney.

And finally, the “Woulda Won If I Didn’t Hate Those Old TV Shows” prize goes to Meryl.

Once again, my thanks (and apologies) to Kevin and Rodney for letting me run this week’s contest. Until Friday!


Comments (5)

All right only five (5) of ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

All right only five (5) of mine were real captions. The sixth was a comment on fritz's winning caption (a funny comment I thought) but not a caption. But then I had two more in my back pocket I didn't use so we're probably even.

Good picture though, I think the PDB probably stole some of the attention away from the caption contest today.

Forget the PDB; Kevin (who ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Forget the PDB; Kevin (who really has better things he should be doing) and his discovery at Kerrey's website stole all the thunder of MY grand debut.

Of course I'm complaining, but I immediately leaped in and did my bit for God, Country, and Saint Rachel Corrie of The Pancakes.

Need I mention that shortly after closing the contest, I came up with what woulda been a sure fire winner? (If, of course, 1) it hadn't been too late, and B) I wasn't RUNNING the damn thing?)

Chief O'Hara set the photo down on Commissioner Gordon's desk. "Commissioner, you better warn Batman and Robin that the villainous Chief Eggs-ecutive is back in town, and he's got a new batch of Interns to help him."


I won! However, you may wan... (Below threshold)

I won! However, you may want to include the first part of the punchline "To get to Trump World Tower!"

Fussy, fussy, Fritz. You wo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Fussy, fussy, Fritz. You won -- wasn't that enough?

(sigh) I'll fix that when I get home tonight. I don't have time to while I'm at work.


OK, Fritz, it's fixed now. ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

OK, Fritz, it's fixed now. Sorry about that. It deserved better.







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