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The Kerry Sloganator

If you run into any issues using the Kerry Sloganator or the Kerry Sloganator Gallery use the comments to this post to seek help.


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Comments (27)

I can't get the sloganator ... (Below threshold)
Eric Akawie:

I can't get the sloganator to do more than one line, but several of the posted signs have two.

Eric, You have to pad with ... (Below threshold)
Rodney dill:

Eric, You have to pad with a log of spaces to get the line to wrap around. You need to experiment.

make that a lot of spaces</... (Below threshold)
Rodney dill:

make that a lot of spaces

This doesn't seem to actual... (Below threshold)

This doesn't seem to actually work. I've troed both IE and Firefox and can't actually type anything where it says Enter your slogan here:

It's in the bar above where... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

It's in the bar above where it says'

"who needs principles"

you can overtype/replace there. I missed it at first too.

Eric - Try it now. Pete fo... (Below threshold)

Eric - Try it now. Pete found an error in the code and I just applied the fix.

Forgive my ignorance, but h... (Below threshold)
Rob in Massachusetts:

Forgive my ignorance, but how do I save the page?

Right click, then "Save Pic... (Below threshold)

Right click, then "Save Picture As".

Stupid question alert: how ... (Below threshold)

Stupid question alert: how do I login to post my sloganator thingie in the gallery?

Just go through the registr... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Just go through the registration process, which appears to be open enrollment.

Okay, managed to login. Now... (Below threshold)

Okay, managed to login. Now when I try to upload I get this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagegif() in /home/kaylward/public_html/kerry/gallery/includes/image_utils.php on line 79

Okay, I tried again in PNG ... (Below threshold)

Okay, I tried again in PNG format and it worked -- but it was rejecting the GIF version.

I'm not sure what the say a... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure what the say about the GIF error, but the Sloganator produces PNG files anyway so it should be too much of an issue.

<nerd speak>Ce... (Below threshold)

<nerd speak>
Certain versions of GD (PHP's default image library) do not take GIFs as input or output. Additionally, I think certain compile options can turn off GIF support, so it may be something on the server side.
</nerd speak>

GIFs are sooo 1990's anyway. :)

I made a mistake posting mu... (Below threshold)

I made a mistake posting multiple images, and ended up titling the Jock Strap picture the same as the Flower Power image... who do I pay to make the name change?

You should be able to edit ... (Below threshold)

You should be able to edit all of your own pictures, titles, etc. Poke around a bit.

Is there any way to save th... (Below threshold)

Is there any way to save them as JPGs? That way I can post them on my blog, too!

I read mine into Paintshopp... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I read mine into Paintshoppro, and was able to save them in a different format from there.

I'm sorry, WHERE do you upl... (Below threshold)
Jordan Keiser:

I'm sorry, WHERE do you upload? I've got my slogans made and saved and everything...

Don't hate me for being blo... (Below threshold)

Don't hate me for being blonde but, how do I post my slogan?

Click the link up to that s... (Below threshold)

Click the link up to that says Kerry Sloganator Gallery. You have to register, then open the Kerry Slogator Captures catagory, and you should see an upload button on the upper right.

Sloganator and Gallery both... (Below threshold)

Sloganator and Gallery both 404 right now.
Or http://kerrysloganator.com calls the main wizbang page.

Fubar right now, when will ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Fubar right now, when will it be back Kevin?

A Kerry sloganator! How ori... (Below threshold)
Bob Munck:

A Kerry sloganator! How original and creative!

Look - another Bob (aka Chi... (Below threshold)

Look - another Bob (aka Chip) Munck snide comment - how un-original and non-creative!

where the hell did the pict... (Below threshold)

where the hell did the pictures go?

Heh... only a republican or... (Below threshold)

Heh... only a republican or democrat would need support for such a simple product... Heh...






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