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A New Day...

So it's the first day of year two of Wizbang...

Given the events of the day here yesterday I got totally sidetracked from producing actual written content for the site. Here's a piece of advice for you if you ever setup image gallery software that accepts uploads from users - turn off the administrator approval requirements. I was swamped until early evening in approval e-mails for new images.

Now for some housekeeping notes:

Links - I try to recognize sites that blogroll and link to Wizbang. See the reciprocal blogroll to the left. It's quite long, which tells me that policy seems to be working. It's getting harder and harder to keep up with, so don't be surprised if I'm well behind. Of course you can always drop me a line and let me know that you linked Wizbang.

Submissions - I welcome your ideas. I get a lot of e-mail, so I can't link to every story (or even most of them). As has been said elsewhere, "pitch the post, not the blog." If you feel like you've got a great post that fits in with the flow of the site, feel free to pitch it to me. I may link, quote, or comment on your post and it may be in the main blog or the Sideblog (see below). Who knows, maybe this year I'll become WizbangPundit...

Sideblog - I added this recently, and I for one like it a lot. It allows me to link to stories or posts that I want to highlight, but have nothing of substance to add. It's my daily link dump 5 items at a time.

OK back to blogging...

Comments (2)

I've got you linked over at... (Below threshold)

I've got you linked over at the times. No rush adding me, just do it in your "free time" (ba-ha-ha!). Lil Wiz and Mama need to be priority one for now.

It's my first visit and con... (Below threshold)

It's my first visit and congratulations - you run true to form - Don't let the complexity get you down - keep thinking in one-syllable words - It's what you do best!






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