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American Jobs Replaced by Automation

In this case its a very good thing.

iRobot Corporation learned last week from the Pentagon that one of its units, called a PackBot, was "destroyed in action" for the first time. Its destruction meant the life of a U.S. soldier may well have been saved, the company said.

"It was a special moment -- a robot got blown up instead of a person," said iRobot CEO Colin Angle.

The firm involved may have cheered, but whoever is responsible for supplying replacement parts is probably jumping for joy.

PackBots can disrupt booby traps that threaten U.S. troops.

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This is one time that we ca... (Below threshold)

This is one time that we can truely be thankful that a robot has taken a job away from a hard-working person.

Boy am I glad the LeftKooks... (Below threshold)

Boy am I glad the LeftKooks didn't succeed in unionizing the military.

When do we get robot soldie... (Below threshold)

When do we get robot soldiers, God damn it?






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