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The Big Story From the Bush Presser

I watched Bush's speech tonight, then I swirled thru the blogosphere to see reactions. Apparently I saw something nobody else did. Forget the tie, forget the jackass reporters. (that last one will be hard)

The most important long term thing Bush did tonight was frame the debate in the upcoming election. I was not counting but I think it was 3 or maybe 4 times he said he looks forward to the debate with Kerry over the war on terror. (look for that line in the future)

He even went so far as to say that this election was about the war on terror.

Bush in effect claimed home field advantage!

No matter how people feel about Iraq, or WMD or even if they think he did not do enough before 9/11, the American people will NOT vote for a President whose idea of a foreign policy is to do what France tells us to do. And like it not, that is the perception of John Kerry and with cause. (mostly because he keeps saying it.)

The Democrats attempts at politicizing the deaths of 3000 people has failed. People (real people) don't believe Bush was ignoring it nor do they believe Clinton was paying rabid attention to it. That means the two issues are the GWOT and the economy.

Bush can make a very credible case on the economy, but he is a 10-20 point favorite in the polls when people are asked about the war on terror.

Making the election about the war on terror is the biggest thing he could do to help his reelection right now. He just spend an hour and 15(ish) minutes talking about nothing else.


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Comments (8)

Stupid, admittedly ignorant... (Below threshold)

Stupid, admittedly ignorant, limited, defensive, waste of cyber space. He said nothing. That is why no one is listening.

Stupid, admittedly ignorant... (Below threshold)

Stupid, admittedly ignorant, limited, defensive, waste of cyber space. He said nothing. That is why no one is listening. How about this...there are no supporters in your camp because they are too busy shopping for new purses, tube tops and SUVs. There is no one listening because they do not ccmprehend any, none what-so-ever foreign policy speak. Ask them what hemisphere they live in and MAYBE they will be able to tell you. In the meantime, young minds such as yours are wasted on an old, unsuccessful and wasteful view of the world. Join the thinkers. Come to the left and debate and discuss and encourage the possibilities. AS we say in simple speak: do the math. There are more of them than us. Perhaps we should listen to their viewpoint instead of thrusting our bullshit life onto them. Get it?

Dawn, is there a point to y... (Below threshold)

Dawn, is there a point to your rant? Or did you just need to unload somewhere?

(Wading through the rhetori... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

(Wading through the rhetoric, bombast, and fluff of Dawn's posting to find the core of substance to rebut...)


Well, that was easy...

(Psst: Hey, Dawn, your emperor's walking down the street stark naked, and he's got a tiny weenie.)


Join the thinkers. Co... (Below threshold)

Join the thinkers. Come to the left and debate and discuss and encourage the possibilities

Dawn if you represent the way most of the left thinks... I'll be more than happy to stay with the right wingers.

Thank You for saying more about your side than I ever could.


My son who is 7 will often ... (Below threshold)

My son who is 7 will often try and use big words that he has heard in adult conversations. We will often take the time to speak with him to ensure that he understands the word he was using.

Listening to our president last night made me wonder if he understood all the words he was using. I don't expect and don't want our leader to sound polished but it was embarrassing to listen to him speak.

Just like my 7 year old, President Bush has trouble accepting responsibility when his actions have unexpected results.

Apparently the only reactio... (Below threshold)

Apparently the only reaction that moonbats can come up with is to make 2nd grade insults. "He talks funny! He's stupid! He looks like a monkey!"

Intelligence would imply the ability to discuss topics without resorting to namecalling.

Defense lawyers have an aph... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Defense lawyers have an aphorism: "When the law is against you, argue the facts. When the facts are against you, argue the law. And when both the law and the facts are against you, attack the prosecutor."

Mick, you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny. Dawn, you're a cocky-doody head.

Someone wake me when there are some leftists here actually willing to discuss ISSUES...







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