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Air America loses major markets

Last week I started the Dead Pool for Air America Radio.

They ain't dead yet but they are off the air in Chicago, Los Angles and other small markets.

There are some nice prizes and it is easy to enter so take a guess.

UPDATE: Drudge is now on the case and apparently "Dead Air America" owes the owner of 2 stations a million bucks. (more below)

UPDATE2: The owner of the station say he is sitting on over $1,000,000 in checks that they have asked him not to cash.... GEE- Liberals writing checks they can't cover- Who would have guessed that would happen.

After just two weeks on the air, Air America Radio, the fledgling liberal talk-radio network featuring Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo, appears to have encountered serious cash-flow problems.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE is developing a story, insiders tell DRUDGE, on how the network was pulled off the air this morning in Chicago and Los Angeles, the network's second- and third-largest markets, because, the owner of both stations said, the network bounced a check and owes him more than $1 million! A charge the network strongly denies...

A Chicago source familiar with the situation said a Multicultural representative showed up at WNTD's offices Wednesday morning, kicked out Air America's lone staffer overseeing the network's feed to the station from New York, switched over to a Spanish-language feed, and changed the locks on the doors... Developing...


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Comments (8)

Dead Air America?... (Below threshold)

Dead Air America?

It's only a matter of time ... (Below threshold)

It's only a matter of time before New York gets their Nation of Islam rants over weak AM again.

Thanks Joe, I stole it. ;-)... (Below threshold)

Thanks Joe, I stole it. ;-)

"GEE- Liberals writing chec... (Below threshold)

"GEE- Liberals writing checks they can't cover- Who would have guessed that would happen."

Hum. Who has written about $7 trillion worth of "bad checks" over the last few years? That's a record unmatched by any "liberal" administration. Our grandchildren will be paying of this debt.

And 3/4 of that budget is g... (Below threshold)

And 3/4 of that budget is give away programs set up by liberals.

Try again.

I like how they claim that ... (Below threshold)

I like how they claim that their checks didn't bounce, and then admit to putting a stop payment on them. And why are they paying stations millions of dollars? You'd almost think that they are having trouble selling advertising, and that maybe demand isn't as big as they've been saying.

Damn, what the hell was I t... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Damn, what the hell was I thinking when I put November 11th in that dead pool? I must've been exhausted, stupid, or delusional. Possibly all three.

Is it too late to change my entry? Say, a week from Friday?


Just goes to show: you can ... (Below threshold)

Just goes to show: you can only buy your way to fame just so far: if you don't have anything to say (i.e.: what people are willing to pay to hear -- through advertising revneue) you won't make it.






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