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John Kerry, Young Republican

Click picture to read the AP story.


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Comments (11)

right above it it say yaly ... (Below threshold)

right above it it say yaly yound democrats too.
He's one oooooold waffle.

Right above Yale Republican... (Below threshold)

Right above Yale Republicans, it says Yale Young Democrats too.
He's one oooooold waffle.

There was a story about thi... (Below threshold)
Kerry Stinks:

There was a story about this. Apparently is was put in to tease him. He never was a Republican. Don't recall where I read the story but it also went on to say that the Democrats wanted to kick him out of their club because everything was "John Kerry" to him.

I would hope you'd change t... (Below threshold)
John Aravosis:

I would hope you'd change the title of this thread - or at least mention that the article you link to says this is likely a hoax or a mistake. I have issues with Kerry, that's for sure, but this attack isn't fair, and it's not fair to present this as real, only to be debunked if the person clicks and actually reads through the AP story.

Well John, personally I hav... (Below threshold)

Well John, personally I have to say that anyone who doesn't have the patience to read more information (such as, by clicking on the link and reading the article) wouldn't really concern me.

I think the title is perfect.

If it was a mistake you'd t... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

If it was a mistake you'd think there would be an overlap of the Young Democrat time period and the Young Republican time period.

If you're too lazy to follo... (Below threshold)

If you're too lazy to follow instructions (Click link to read AP story) why is that my problem?

The picture appeared in his yearbook with that caption, no one disputes that. I offer NO COMMENTARY on the picture, just a link to where I found it...

Facts in politics? In the blogoshpere? You're kidding right?

Who reads this shit?... (Below threshold)

Who reads this shit?

Perhaps the Democrats decid... (Below threshold)
Burburr Khapit:

Perhaps the Democrats decided the best way to get Kerry to work for them was to put him up as a Republican.

You do, apparently.... (Below threshold)

You do, apparently.

No mention about the Skull ... (Below threshold)

No mention about the Skull and Bones Brotherhood? Come on now, you could have a good conspiracy involving Kerry, W and Papa going on here! Think people, THINK!






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