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Obligatory Press Conference Coverage

Here's how the Ace of Spades HQ summarizes the event:

As for theatrics, he looked tired, haggard, wan, a bit beaten, a bit saddened. (Here's the part we hate about these "how he did" things:) And that's precisely how he should have looked.

Finally, the press. What is there to say, really? There are a lot of truly interesting and penetrating questions the press could ask; they just aren't intelligent, informed, or concerned-citizen enough to ask them. It's so much easier to take dictation from Chris Lehane.

We -- yes, newsjunkie, hyperpartisan, political-geeks we -- turned off the thing fifteen minutes into the press questioning and went out to get some ice cream. Not because we were outraged by the press; we were just rolling our eyes at them. But because they were boring, predictable, trite, and partisan, and Bush gave them nothing but bullshit, lullabye-sleepy-time answers.

We can't blame him for that.

The press says Bush is repetitive and trite in his answers. Have they ever gotten a fucking load of themselves?

If, as Brit Hume suggested, Bush was relying on the public watching just his statement and a couple of questions thereafter, we'd have to say he probably got his wish.

I'd say that's about right...

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