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There's Kate...

Congratulations the Venomous Kate for making the move to WordPress. She says the import process took 5 minutes.

Damn that's a fast move...

Of course permalinks and RSS feeds are all FUBAR, but freedom has a price...

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Freedom, indeed. Can you be... (Below threshold)

Freedom, indeed. Can you believe there is no lag time between when I press "Publish" and when a post appears on the page? No rebuilding, no waiting endlessly for the "ping" screen. Nada. Zip.

I hate to sound like a commercial (particularly one I hate) but... I'm lovin' it!

Oh, and the import process ... (Below threshold)

Oh, and the import process only took 90 seconds. Installation to complete import was 5 minutes.

Hell, that's faster than some folks' romantic encounters.

My romantic encounters are ... (Below threshold)

My romantic encounters are way faster than that.

No, wait. Strike that - reverse it.

We went with pMachine on th... (Below threshold)

We went with pMachine on the new blog rather than "drink the Kool-Aid" of the MT cult in which cracks seem to be showing.

I could never understand the lengthy rebuild process. Nor could I understand the slavish devotion to the product.

I also have my MT blog bein... (Below threshold)

I also have my MT blog being mirrored and run by WordPress in the background. I can attest to the speediness of the import process. I do it about once a week to bring the WordPress blog up to speed, and it literally takes 10 seconds. The great thing is that it doesn't re-import any entries it has already imported!

The only thing that is seriously holding me back is the lack of a decent Textile 2 filter. I'm sorry, but Brad Choate improved upon Dean Allen's Textile so much that I'm not willing to go back.

In the meantime, I've made a MT template that gives output just like MT's export feature, except that it processes any Textile markup first, so WordPress doesn't choke on it.






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