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Bare America

Is there any more uninteresting story floating around than the travails of Air America?

The fact that some B list entertainers and lefties have started a radio network is mildly amusing, but considering the number of syndicated shows and programming services actually on the radio the coverage of Air America is seriously overblown.

Where's the coverage of Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One, the emergence of Latino radio as a ratings force, etc. ? I tell you where it is, nowhere...

And that's the asinine part of Air America, they exist mostly in the press. Sure they're broadcasting, but if no one is listening, who cares? Lots of semi-famous folks have radio shows on AM stations, that doesn't make it newsworthy.

The fact that Air America may or may not be dealing with scumbag station owners isn't really that big of a surprise. Some would argue that all station owners are by definition scumbags...

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Yeah- But they are sooo muc... (Below threshold)

Yeah- But they are sooo much fun to mock.

I actually think they could turn out to be a big deal. If they crater this early, it will set the liberal movement back another 2 years.-- Which should put them squarely in 1967.

Although admittedly since I... (Below threshold)

Although admittedly since I had a few different talk radio shows I might be more interested.

Air America's entire strate... (Below threshold)

Air America's entire strategy was based on pirating their signal through the transmission methods of the news outlets that were sucker enough to carry their interviews and promos hyping up the pig in a poke.

It's like one of those drag-strip funny cars... lots of noise... lots of flames... the lights start falling on the stick and WHAM! the engine blows and the funnycar rolls maybe a few yards before the flames engluf the cabin.

Will the driver roll to safety and live to race another race?

Let's hope not.






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