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Bin Laden offers Truce

"I announce a truce with the European countries that do not attack Muslim countries," the taped message said as the stations showed an old, still picture of al-Qaida leader.

.... and Europe would believe this because? Militant Islamic terrorists have always honored their word in the past? They are nice guys?

I think even the French would have a hard time swallowing this one based on the Al Qaeda track record.


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I'm hearing that Shimon Per... (Below threshold)

I'm hearing that Shimon Peres has already accepted it under the Geneva Accords, and he's shopping for water wings right now.

I'll answer this one seriou... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I'll answer this one seriously, since Lair's got the snarkiness more than adequately covered.

First, the Arabic word for "truce" means "pause in the fighting for rearming and regrouping," and has none of the Western connotations of eventual peace agreement. Google up "hudna" for more elaboration.

Second, "Muslim countries" are defined as "a place where once Muslims were in control." Spain qualifies, and preventing Muslims from controlling Spain fits the definition of "attacking Muslim countries." Also, France and other European nations have rising Muslim populations, so they could be considered Muslim nations soon too.

Third, since when do nations negotiate with individuals? Especially when those individuals head up criminal, murderous organizations?


Kevin, PLEASE don't smack m... (Below threshold)

Kevin, PLEASE don't smack me; I'm being honest and I want to know.

Jay Tea wrote:
Third, since when do nations negotiate with individuals? Especially when those individuals head up criminal, murderous organizations?

We do. Don't we? Or WTF have we been doing with Yassir Arafat all these years? Playing Scrabble?

I have to do more research on this. I apologize if I'm ruffling feathers.

Arafat is head of the Pales... (Below threshold)

Arafat is head of the Palestinian Authority, so we've actually been negotiating with the PA, not Arafat himself.

While you can pick that apart, I think it's enough to enable us to negotiate with him, on behalf of the PA.

Emma, I certainly don't wan... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Emma, I certainly don't want Kevin to smack you. If anything, I'd smack myself for being so imprecise as to leave a loophole big enough for you to drive a Mack truck through.

How about "Since when do nations negotiate peace agreements with individuals? Especially when those individuals head up criminal, murderous organizations?"

Arafat sneaks through the loophole because we have accorded him (wrongly, in my opinion) "quasi-head of a quasi-state" status. He was "elected" chairman of the Palestinian Authority back in 1997 for a 2-year term. (He blames Israel for the lack of elections in '99, '01, and presumably '03 as well.)

Osama Bin Laden has never claimed to hold any "head of state" position, nor any other position by which our government should recognize him as a representative of any legitimate group. Any agreements between him and any government would be according a status on him he doesn't deserve, and denigrate the government that dealt with him so.

Treating Arafat as a "head of state" is an incredibly bad idea, but it has been given a veneer of legitimacy. In the rankings of our government, he has more standing than Bin Laden. It's disgusting, but it's true.


Thank you to Boyd and espec... (Below threshold)

Thank you to Boyd and especially Jay Tea for helping me to understand that rather sticky wicket.

Why, oh WHY, do I always ge... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Why, oh WHY, do I always get stuck "explaining" something I personally disagree with, but understand?

Emma, it kills me to not agree with you about Arafat. Realpolitik has made us act sociable to some of the most despicable, contemptible, vile people in history -- Josef Stalin during World War II being the first example that springs to mind. The only excuses ever offered up are "better the devil you know than the one you don't" and "he's bad, but the alternative is worse."

I just think in Arafat's case, the alternative is not necessarily worse, and the line's gotta be drawn SOMEWHERE.


(Just try being a casual Methodist-turned-agnostic struggling to explain some of Christianity's more profound idiocies to a argumentative Jewish girlfriend... oy, vey, the headaches and tsuris she gave me...)

Jay, don't sweat it. Reall... (Below threshold)

Jay, don't sweat it. Really. I'm not exactly a Spring Chicken, so I understand more and realize I know less and less, everyday. (Aheh.)

As I have said over and over, regarding personal life crises, financial situations and countless other human conditions, you do what you think is best at the time. It's probably trite as hell, but it helps me to sleep at night.

Thank you, again.






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