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Et Tu, Michele?

Is she hanging it up? It doesn't really matter, I'll remain steadfastly with her whatever or wherever she writes - she's that good.

Not being familiar with the song she quotes, I did a quick search and found that Amazon allows you to download the whole MP3 for free. Now if I could just get some damn speakers on this work PC.

Update: And in more important news I'm throwing in as much support as I can muster behind the little dead girl in this blogfight. Sorry Dean, as much as I like you, Michele has promised that she won't send me naked pictures of herself if I support her.

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Oh, I was going to upload i... (Below threshold)

Oh, I was going to upload it tonight when I get home. I forgot Amazon had it.

Thanks for everything, Kevin. You've been a great source of support for me.

I'm just checking Drudge ev... (Below threshold)

I'm just checking Drudge every 5 minutes for a headline about ASV in the dreaded H1, wondering how Matt's squad of goons will blow the story this time.

This is a dangerous arms ra... (Below threshold)

This is a dangerous arms race here. What if Dean promises not to send any naked pictures of himself? Or, indeed, promises to send you naked picture of himself if you don't join?

::shudders at the though::<... (Below threshold)

::shudders at the though::

Now, if we're talking Rosemary, that's a different story...

I'll send all the naked pic... (Below threshold)

I'll send all the naked pics of Britney and Beyonce that I still from O. Willis;s blog.

I have a sister in law that... (Below threshold)

I have a sister in law that I love very dearly going thru that.

We were very close but the Paxil has fried her brain. Now we barley speak at family functions. As a right winger I'm usually pretty skeptical and antidotal claims about product liability.

That shit is poison.

Michele, your path is a long one. Good luck going down it.


Anyone promising not to pos... (Below threshold)

Anyone promising not to post pictures of Jacko?


Paul, I felt the same way -... (Below threshold)

Paul, I felt the same way - when people told me about lawsuits against Paxil I just chalked it up to our litigious nation.

I've done a complete turnaround on that. Poison doesn't even describe it. I hope your sister in law finds something better. There are a lot of good, safe drugs out there. Paxil ain't one of them.






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