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You Have To See It To Believe It

This pilot managed to eject 140 feet above the ground or 1/8 of a second prior to impact.

Click to view full size image

See the in cockpit video and ground video of the crash at F-16.net. The incockpit video (4MB) is amazing.

In case you're wondering, the pilot is fine.

Comments (6)

I don't see any buildings a... (Below threshold)

I don't see any buildings around, so can I assume that it wasn't a Saudi Royal Air Force fighter jet?

Wow...if you slow the incoc... (Below threshold)

Wow...if you slow the incockpit video, the details of his ejection are waaaay cool!

I'm really curious to see t... (Below threshold)

I'm really curious to see this - but the link isn't working?

I don't get it -- even afte... (Below threshold)

I don't get it -- even after he ejected, how did the impact from hitting the ground at that speed not destroy every bone in his body?

That's not really explained... (Below threshold)

That's not really explained. I agree it's amazing he lived, let alone was not seriously injured.

By the way the link is fixe... (Below threshold)

By the way the link is fixed... They blocked direct access, but you can get it through their page. I should have linked it that way to start...






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