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You Write The Headline...

You know the drill, leave your best headline to this post, and this afternoon I'll pick the best one and update the post title (and mention the winner). The post is in the extended entry.

Update: Maura nailled it, now the story is posted in full here, with her headline.

The Post:

Talk about disingenuousness...

CHICAGO (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp., the world's largest fast-food company, on Thursday launched an anti-obesity education campaign that it said would promote the importance of exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

The company, whose Big Macs and super-size french fries have drawn criticism for promoting obesity, said it is "committed to playing a responsible and active role" in solving the U.S. obesity problem. Some two-thirds of Americans are overweight.
I doubt that the cornerstone of the campaign will be a "don't eat at McDonald's" theme. See the recent documentary Super Size Me for a humorous look at McDonald's commitment to anti-obesity.

Comments (6)

Ray Kroc Spins In McGrave</... (Below threshold)

Ray Kroc Spins In McGrave

How about, "Massively popul... (Below threshold)

How about, "Massively popular and successful American company patronizes moronic and litigous population."

Ronald McDonald Replaced... (Below threshold)

Ronald McDonald Replaced By Richard McSimmons

I'm Purgin' It!... (Below threshold)

I'm Purgin' It!

Weapons of Ass Destru... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Weapons of Ass Destruction - found at Golden Arches

"Mickey-D's Wants to Save Y... (Below threshold)

"Mickey-D's Wants to Save Your Big, Fat Ass"


"America: Stop F-ing Eating So Much - Unless You're at McDonald's"


"McDonald's Cares About Coronaries"


"Stairmaster with that Adult Happy Meal?"






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