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The Rich Are Different...

Notice anything odd about this passage from Cindy Adams on Teresa Heinz Kerry?

When Mrs. Kerry subsequently rose, she saw a New York Post photographer. She'd been up since six, gone non-stop, was heading to a Newsweek shoot and it was raining. A nifty lady who can go with the flow, she sat down at my dressing table, grabbed my hairbrush, blow dryer, roller and comb, then helped herself to my powder, blusher and brushes. After posing for the photographer, it was into my kitchen for chicken soup and conversation.

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That's not the one that jum... (Below threshold)

That's not the one that jumped out at me... The one that jumped out at me was:

"I do my own hair. I washed it myself yesterday. Problem is, in the rain it gets curly. In humidity, it frizzes. As for the dining, some small hotels don't even serve after 10 o'clock. I've already gained 10 pounds from the quick snacks and junk food.

She washes her own hair, just like us common folk.

Reminds me of the movie Art... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of the movie Arthur...

"Would you like me to wash your d**k for you, sir?"






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