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The Washington Post has a Veep-O-Matic running this morning which allows you to get a list of possible Vice Presidential candidates to pair up with Sen. Kerry to form the Democratic ticket. You pick up to five desired characteristics and the program gives you back the best matches. Of course they left out choices such as these:

 Has Rabid Internet Following
 Tin Foil Hat Wearer
 Believes Bush "Knew"

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How about:Endorsed... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

How about:

Endorsed former KKK member.

As per usual, NO ONE met my... (Below threshold)

As per usual, NO ONE met my criteria! Clark met four. The next one down was Hillary Clinton with TWO.

I think the best choice for Kerry would be Oprah. A Kerry/Oprah ticket would be unstoppable. And once Kerry is in office, Oprah can take her annual giveaway show to a whole new level.

Just imagine Oprah speaking during the live television event:

"America, this is the most extravagant prize ever given on national television. This is history, folks. Everybody in the country gets a brand new SEGWAY SCOOTER! Yeah, people! Let's hear it for Oprah!"






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