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Work/Life Balance

From CNN:

New technology now enables flexible working hours around the clock, but some are beginning to feel the strain from vague expectations about how available they should be.

It does not help either if a company has employees in different time zones working on the same projects, in real time.

It has got to the stage where Microsoft has even issued guidance to its UK employees on when they should disconnect from the Internet at home or turn off their mobile phones.

"The provision of a smart phone in no way requires users to either view or respond to business related emails or calls out of office hours," Steve Harvey, Director of People and Culture at Microsoft told CNN.

You mean you're supposed to answer the phone at work? That must be some kind of sick joke, no one actually answers their own phone anymore...


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Comments (2)

I used to page the overnigh... (Below threshold)

I used to page the overnight news producers with "Just making sure you're sleeping okay" messages during their afternoon slumbers in retaliation for when they would page me at night for the stupidest, simplest stuff like how to configure a screen saver.

For my previous job, I had ... (Below threshold)

For my previous job, I had to carry a pager 24/7 in case of a PR emergency. Now, I work 8:30 to 5 M-F and no one has ever called me at home during off hours. I am listed sixth on the crisis contact list, so I don't think there is much chance that I'll ever get one of those late night calls.

I still get people scheduling meetings during my lunch though!






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