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The Pot or the Kettle?

The NYT has a feature on Wonkette that opens with a zinger...

First With the Scoop, if Not the Truth


When the notoriously unreliable Drudge Report blared the stunning headline in February that Senator John Kerry had had an affair with a woman on his staff, the gossip columns in Washington's newspapers did not print a word.

Boy if that ain't the pot calling the Kettle black. This from the NYT of all papers!

Drudge has a flair for the dramatic alright, but I'd put cash money on the fact he has a better accuracy rating than the New York Times any day.


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Comments (4)

Drudge's worst crime is usu... (Below threshold)

Drudge's worst crime is usually misleading headlines and sensationalism. Tacit lies and distortions are the realm of the New York Times.

This is why I call the NYT ... (Below threshold)

This is why I call the NYT "The SADDAM Times!"

The reality of the situatio... (Below threshold)

The reality of the situation is that news junkies are turning AWAY from the Times (and its Old Media colleagues) and TOWARD Drudge, the Blogosphere, and similar New Media outlets in a rising tide. And the Times simply can't handle it.

They hope to regain their previous position of dominance by a variety of techniques, but it's all doomed to fail. As Ann Coulter put it, "the dogs don't like it."

I used to read Drudge all t... (Below threshold)

I used to read Drudge all the time. After a while, the intentionally misleading headlines wore thin with me. I haven't looked at his page in many months, other more information rich blogs do well to keep my news jones fufilled.






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