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Rich With Irony (And Cholesterol)

No happy meal for the CEO of McDonalds...

OAK BROOK, Ill. (AP) - Jim Cantalupo, the chairman and CEO of McDonald's Corp. who revitalized the fast-food giant over the past year and brought in new, healthier menu options, died early Monday at age 60.

Jim McKenna, presiding director of the McDonald's board of directors, said Cantalupo died of a sudden and unexpected heart attack in Orlando, Fla., where McDonald's was holding its international owner and operator convention.
At Microsoft they have a term for deploying their software internally in the beta phase called Dogfood; as in eating their own.

The practice of sampling the goods at McDonald's is affectionately known as Riding The Coronary Highway, though Dogfood would be appropriate as well...

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