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It's All Bush's Fault...

Sure gas prices are rising, but where is the outrage over this?

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. (AP) - Gasoline isn't the only thing that's costing more as summer approaches. The National Ice Cream Retailers Association says ice cream prices are going up, too.

Executive director Linda Udderback blames the rise on what she calls a "perfect storm." Prices for ice cream's essential ingredients - butter, milk, vanilla and chocolate - are on the rise.

Udderback predicts the average cost for the frozen treat will go up between 20 and 30 percent.

Senator Kerry immediately took both sides of the issue, then promised to create 10 million new gallons of ice cream. He blamed the Bush administration for lack of leadership on ice cream.

Ultralibs (my new term for moonbat liberal conspiracy theorists) are saying Cheeny/Haliburton are behind the whole mess...

Comments (2)

With a name like Udderback.... (Below threshold)

With a name like Udderback.... No wonder she's in the dairy business!

Yea, but dem udders are on ... (Below threshold)

Yea, but dem udders are on the wrong side.






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