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Spirit of America Needs Your Help More Than Ever!!

The Victory Coalition

As sent to The Victory Coalition by Armed Liberal:

While the mention in the Wall Street Journal has brought us much more than we need to fulfill the initial request for television equipment, we're not done yet. It is critical that we all remember that winning the peace is going to be a long process, and that the demands - once it becomes apparent how powerful the volunteer spirit of America really is - will be immense.

We will meet the original request for TV equipment NEXT WEEK, subject to taking delivery of some long-lead time items, and we're going to work with the Marines on the next phases of the program - including Tools To Rebuild Iraq.

This first phase program - as well as the other programs in which we supply materials requested by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan - is only a drop in the bucket.

Spirit of America intends to support the Coalition troops - as well as the Iraqi people - by providing the resources needed to turn enemies into allies, and helping our troops and civilians show that we are there to help the Iraqi and Afghan people build their countries toward a peaceful, independent, free future - not to colonize or conquer them. That's what winning the peace is all about.

The blog coalitions competing to raise money not only will make a big difference in the material support we can offer, but will have a critical role in broadening the community of people who support positive efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who support giving our troops the tools they need to do their real jobsto help the people there build a strong, free, and peaceful future.

Now, more than ever, those networks of support and action are going to be critical, and it is the energy - literally, the spirit - of those volunteers that will make Spirit of America a success. The problems in front of us aren't going to be solved by donating funds or buying things alone. It's going to take a movement - a movement to show the best that America has, and that's what all of us are hoping to become part of.

We're looking forward to this, and while we'll certainly say "May the best blogs win!!", the winners will be our troops and the people they will be able to serve with what we can all provide.

As before, 100% of the funds raised (net of credit card or PayPal costs) will be used to actually buy and ship the requested goods.


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Comments (6)

100% of funds actually used... (Below threshold)

100% of funds actually used for equipment. That's pretty freakin' sweet.

So, how're we doin? A good... (Below threshold)

So, how're we doin? A good fund-raising war is no good without a scoreboard!

(i think we're not supposed... (Below threshold)

(i think we're not supposed to start until tomorrow)

<a href="http://www.spirito... (Below threshold)
paranoid one:


says that's it's safe/secure, etc. for giving, but it isn't. It's not using https protocols--no SSL. (and the non-existent little locked box at the bottom of your browser reiterates this fact.)

Any chance you can talk to the SoA people and fix this? If I send them a paper check, it doesn't count toward the victory coalition..

If you click the PayPal lin... (Below threshold)

If you click the PayPal link the next screen is SSL encrypted - no private information is endangered. If you click the pay by CC then only the dollar total is transmitted in clear text. The very next screen is SSL encrypted by VeriSign's PayFlow system. In either case it's safe and secure.

You can access the page via SSL, but you will get a browser warning popup since the shared SSL cert is expired, and is point to their web host's shared cert.

If you'd still like to access the page via SSL kn owning that, click here.

thank you. I donated!... (Below threshold)
paranoid one:

thank you. I donated!






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