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A Moment Of Silence...

For the memory of sports cars past...

Things change - now I'm excited about the purchase of our first minivan. This afternoon we take delivery of an 8 seat Toyota Sienna. Three years ago there were just the two of us, now it's a party of five - being able to travel together in one car sealed the deal.

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My sister and her husband j... (Below threshold)

My sister and her husband just bought a Sienna a couple of weeks ago now that they're expecting baby #2. They love it so far.

We're five here as well, bu... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

We're five here as well, but at the other end of the child-rearing spectrum. My oldest daughter just turned 20, and now has her own car. We're still a few years from being out of the minivan market.

My dad has a Sienna. One of... (Below threshold)

My dad has a Sienna. One of the reasons he chose it is because a set of golf clubs will fit lengthwise through the rear door. He actually took his bag to the dealerships to test all of the minivans. I'm not too sure why this was important, but it clenched the deal for him.

The navigation system and backup camera are what impressed my teenage nephew. I liked the power sliding door and the sound system.

Hey everyone fill Kevin's t... (Below threshold)

Hey everyone fill Kevin's tipjar so he can buy a second car. A 1970 Datson 240Z?

Or a 1967 327FI Corvette Coupe?






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