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Donate Today - Claim Your Reward

The Victory Coalition

Michele is dedicating a post to each and every contributor (of $10 or more) to the Spirit of America Hero's of the Blogosphere Challenge today. See the details here, and take her up on this offer!

Also Mr T. has a message for other alliances.


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Comments (7)

The game has gotten dirty. ... (Below threshold)

The game has gotten dirty. LT Smash posted a plea on Command Post - which is a VC alliance site.

Dirty?As John Paul... (Below threshold)


As John Paul Jones said, "I have not yet BEGUN to fight!"


That's not Smash! Look at t... (Below threshold)

That's not Smash! Look at that URL!

Sneaky bastiches.

Sneaky? No...not at all.</p... (Below threshold)

Sneaky? No...not at all.

Just because I posted with my Fantasy Football League doesn't mean we cheat


Cheating - shmeating. You ... (Below threshold)

Cheating - shmeating. You wanna *play* c'mon over here! We play for fun; we play to win.

Smart-asses only need apply -- 're ya up to it?!?

It's my house and I'll edit... (Below threshold)

It's my house and I'll edit comments if I want to...

Cheating is fun!... (Below threshold)

Cheating is fun!






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