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TiVo Geeks, Behold...

The DirecTV HD DVR. This unit combines dual HDTV tuners with the DirecTV TiVo service. This could be the last DVR (Digital Video Recorder) you will ever need. ***

See the rest of the screen shots!

*** After you upgrade the 250 GB hard disk (25 hours HD/180 hours standard)!

Comments (4)

I could go for those slider... (Below threshold)

I could go for those sliders right now.

It is so not right that you... (Below threshold)

It is so not right that you cannot get TiVo outside the US. It is a gift you guys need to give to the rest of the world - NOW!

I was going to get one but ... (Below threshold)

I was going to get one but it is like 300 or 400 bucks and they only have like 4 channels or something... There is that new network voom that has a better deal on HD programing.

Now that Apple Computer released this and more importantly this, look for HD programing to explode.

Apple has changed the whole way production people look at HD now.

I've never gone the satelli... (Below threshold)

I've never gone the satellite route, because the cable system has served me well over the years. Despite their bankruptcy due to the corruption of their leadership, Adelphia has weathered the storm fairly well. But I still keep my eye on them -- I'm a member of the Loudoun County Cable TV Advisory Committee.

To bring this to the subject at hand, though, I learned last night that Adelphia will be offering DVR equipment and service starting this summer in Loudoun County.






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