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Why Spirit Of America Is Important

The Victory Coalition

Stolen from Lt. (Citizen) Smash:

Victory in the Battle for Iraq will not be achieved by force of arms alone – it will be won or lost in the hearts of the Iraqis themselves. The First Marine Division recently returned to the region with the slogan “No greater friend – No worse enemy.” We’ve seen the second part of that slogan at work in places like Ramadi and Fallujah. But what about the “No greater friend” part?

You know all of those international aid organizations that one usually finds in war-torn areas? They aren’t on the ground in Iraq – it's too dangerous. The Marines must do it all themselves. They have to fight the war, and at the same time win the peace.

Spirit of America does not have any staff on the ground in Iraq. Their “staff” is the First Marine Division. The Marines make requests for specific aid, and SoA gathers donations to purchase the items needed. The goods are then shipped to Iraq via military transport.

Spirit of America has no paid employees, and is run entirely by volunteer labor and contributions. They have very little “overhead.” And because they are a federally registered 501c3 public foundation, all contributions are 100% tax deductible.

This organization is the real deal. Back in January, Mr and Mrs. Smash spent a day at Camp Pendleton, helping pack Frisbees, school supplies, and medical supplies for delivery to Iraq. Major General James Mattis reports that these donations have been very well received.

Because Spirit of America is not a government agency, there’s very little red tape involved in the process. They are able to respond very quickly to specific requests. For instance, last week an editorial in the Wall Street Journal on a Spirit of America request for $100,000 to help establish seven local television stations in Iraq to counter the negative message of al-Jazeera brought immediate results. The funds have been received, and the equipment will be shipped within weeks of the initial request.

You can’t beat that.

But there are other requests that have yet to be funded. And Spirit of America isn’t just helping the Marines, they are also supporting the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

So you want to help with the war effort? Here’s your chance.

Of course The Victory Coalition hopes you will donate via our page, but any donation through any alliance is appreciated.


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