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Show Your Support, Again!

John Kerry is once again graciously offering you your very own web page on his campaign site. Shouldn't you take him up on it?

What's changed since I first highlighted this on April 10th you may be wondering? Nothing really, except that you can't post hyperlinks or pictures. Still no e-mail confirmation required. After you signup you get the default text regardless of what you enter when signing up. After that you can edit the text.

Feel free to post your brand spanking new URL's in the comments (use the URL link button), just remember that they probably won't last long. You'd be MUCH better off doing a screen capture for posterity!!! If you're a Windows user use the Alt+PrtScn keys, open Microsoft Paint, then Ctrl+V to paste.

Post your screen captures to the Kerry Sloganator Gallery (there's a Kerry Core Capture section already available). You can then leave links to your capture picture.

The Kerry Core is back, long short live the Kerry Core!!!


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Comments (8)

I still wanna know who thou... (Below threshold)

I still wanna know who thought buying Kerry-for-president Blogads on this site was a good idea.

Dear Mr. Kerry, may I ask w... (Below threshold)

Dear Mr. Kerry, may I ask what medication are you on?

It is widely reported that you were largely to blame for America's loss of the Vietnam war, leaving this great nation at the mercy of all who would criticise it for even having been involved in Vietnam. And now, you would like to see the US pull out from Iraq with its tail between its legs, like a cawering mut, aren't you? You are for us or you are against us!!

Actually, in some ways I'm glad that you are the Democratic candidate...but your weaknesses scare the hell out of me!!!! (Osam bin Laden must stroke his beard to a climax at the very thought of your softness in the White House).

Besides, you are a pompous ASS-HOLE.

God Dammit these people a s... (Below threshold)

God Dammit these people a stupid beyond belief!

<a href="https://contribute... (Below threshold)
Foreign Leader:
I know we aren't supposed t... (Below threshold)

I know we aren't supposed to laugh at the mentally challenged but this is farkin hilarious.

What a bunch of idiots!

<a href="https://contribute... (Below threshold)
Hey Kerry, I am ju... (Below threshold)

Hey Kerry,
I am just wondering... when you promise to not let any more jobs go overseas (and simultaneously raise the minimum wage)-- are you planning on shutting down all those (57 or so) Heinz plants abroad? Geez, if you'd bring those jobs home there'd be a LOT of jobs to be had. Also, please explain to me your breakthrough in economics that will allow you to force companies to keep jobs here while also forcing them to increase salaries.
Geez, i just can't WAIT to vote for ya.
PS-- We know you were in Vietnam, we heard you the first 1000 times. You can STOP prefacing everything with "Vietnam vet John Kerry, who served in Vietnam".

Don't know how to do screen... (Below threshold)

Don't know how to do screen saves, but you could search for Dwight Mannesburton of Georgia






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