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Buy The Hot Abercrombie Chick

Well you don't actually get to buy her, per se, but you do get a new picture of her. Just to be clear, this picture is no

A rumor started last week that Amanda Doerty (aka Hot Abercrombie Chick) was a guy using writing the blog and using a couple pictures of an old girlfriend. Since everyone seems to love controversy and conspiracy theories the story spread.

Noting I've heard or seen indicates that Amanda (not her real name) is not the girl in the pictures. It has been suggested that if the rumor is true then there would be no more pictures forthcoming. Since the rumor isn't true, Amanda has taken some new pictures, and is offering the first one to the highest bidder, to benefit Spirit Of America. You get first use of the picture, and the chance to be the hoax rumor debunker. You'll get plenty of traffic, including a link from me and an update link on my original story.

Bidding starts today and ends Monday at noon EDT. You may bid in the comment section or via private e-mail. Once bidding ends, I will contact the winner who will make a contribution to Spirit of America via The Victory Coalition link. When I receive a copy of their confirmation e-mail I will send the picture to the winner. If a bids received via e-mail is higher that the current bid in the comments I will add a comment noting the anonymous bid amount.


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Comments (4)

First use of the picture? ... (Below threshold)

First use of the picture? An interesting turn of phrase.

How do you "turn a phrase?"... (Below threshold)

How do you "turn a phrase?"

Considering that everything... (Below threshold)

Considering that everything is now digitally recorded for the misuse of enemies and friends alike till the end of time - carefully...

i wonder if she is right</p... (Below threshold)

i wonder if she is right






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