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Mini Link Dump

Man there's a lots of news to keep with these days, so here is a mini link dump:

Meryl Yourish is 3! Actually it's Yourish.com that is three years old. Congratulations Meryl!!! She's got big plans for year four, so stay tuned.

Michael Demmons is closing down the Discount Blogger, which is a shame. Evidently he's going to engage in "having a life", which sounds like a pretty novel concept...

The Moderate Voice on media coverage of the coffins of deceased military personnel.

Brian Noogle has an exclusive audio interview with John Kerry's dolphin friend.

James Lileks on running The Bleat:

Once or twice a year this site feels like an obligation instead of a joy, and this was one of those weeks. I appreciate the patronage and forebearance; next week will be better. I'm an American; that's an article of faith. Next week is always better.
It certainly is...

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Once or twice a ye... (Below threshold)
Once or twice a year this site feels like an obligation instead of a joy,

Once or twice a year my site feels like a joy instead of an obligation. Just one more reason why, in my next life, I want to be Lileks.

This one's also pretty cool... (Below threshold)

This one's also pretty cool: Billionaires for Bush or Kerry

Conspiracy Theory-Coming Ne... (Below threshold)

Conspiracy Theory-Coming New World Order
-Freedom of knowledge-power of thought. Truths beyond the media. Global Empire-9/11/-Israel Palestine-Big Brother-New World Order-Police State. Click on “Post”-Join our latest Quick Discussion Forum or Global Eye Forum

this is a nice site, hella ... (Below threshold)

this is a nice site, hella cool design.

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