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Spirit Of America Challenge - Day Two Report Card

The Victory Coalition

Day Two ResultsAmount Raised
The Victory Coalition$3,231.00
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!$1,498.50
Liberty Alliance$1,132.00

Overall ResultsAmount Raised
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!$8103.50
The Victory Coalition$6208
Liberty Alliance$2417

Look who kicked ass on day two!!! We knocked over $1700 off the Fusileers lead, and we're just getting started.

Offers in progress: Michele's challenge, Matt's blog giveaway, Sean has Krispy Kreme's for you, Jim's remix offer, the Baseball Crank has a moneyback guarantee for Cubs and Red Sox fans, etc.

Upcoming offers: Friday you will get the chance to purchase a true blog scoop, an exclusive new picture of Amanda Doerty, that refutes the claim that a guy is writing the Hot Abercrombie Chick blog. You'll get to run debunk the hoax story with the picture. That's pretty much a guarantee of big traffic.

The Victory Alliance is just getting warmed up...


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Comments (3)

Sounds like Custer talking ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Custer talking when he said, "See? There aren't as many of them now as there were before"

Or Lee at Petersburg - "See? They still haven't reached Appomattox!"

Or any football coach, still losing a game by four touchdowns with 3 minutes left who just scored a feld goal... "See? We're closer!"

It doesn't mean you're kicking butt - it means your losing by a little less!

You're wrong Fusey Boy! It ... (Below threshold)

You're wrong Fusey Boy! It means we've got Jomentum!!!

It means we are taking name... (Below threshold)

It means we are taking names and kicking ass.

Bring it on Fusileer boy!






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