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You Want Boobies, Here's Your Boobies

The Victory Coalition

No one in the Victory Coalition is going to show you their "rack", sorry - not going to happen...

That's not going to stop me from offering you some good old fashion celebrity boobies.

It's real simple you donate $100 $50 or more and you get 2 CD's collection of the best celebrity pictures and video's around. That's 1.2GB of stuff (more or less). Your Victory Coalition donation receipt is your ticket to the quality material. Forward me your receipt e-mail showing a $100 $50 donation (or more) and include a name and shipping address. Don't worry I'll mail you the 2 CD's in a plain envelope, with generic labels...

This offer applies to those who have already donated as well as new donations. Isn't it time to make your contribution?


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Comments (1)

All right bro, I'm in for f... (Below threshold)
Erik Emmons:

All right bro, I'm in for fifty. Mmmmm, boobies. Go Victory Coalition!






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