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Eli Manning, Prick

Ever wonder why so many people hold professional athletes in such low esteem? All you need to do is look at the case of the first pick in the NFL draft Eli Manning, Payton Manning's brother and son of former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning.

As the drafts top quarterback Eli was the consensus first pick, a position held by the San Diego Chargers. Not selecting Manning would be tantamount to throwing the pick away. If the Chargers had determined that Manning was not the player they wanted tradition and common sense dictate that they would have traded the number one pick for a lower pick and several other picks or players.

What's different about Manning's situation is that he pulled an "Elway", by telling the media that he didn't want to play for or be drafted by the Chargers, rather he wanted to be drafted by the New York Giants. Due to the contract between the players union and the NFL, all draft choices are locked into a scale of pay and bonuses. Regardless of the team that selected him he stands to get a contract similar to the $40 million dollar deal that last years top pick Carson Palmer of USC got with Cincinnati.

So what happened today, draft day?

The Chargers were presumably unable to get an acceptable deal for their #1 pick, so they used in to draft Manning. After the obligatory holding of the jersey and wearing of the hat, what were the first word out of the ungrateful prima donna's mouth?

"Right now, we just hope a trade will happen. I'll sit and wait to see what happens," he said

Less than an hour later the trade he hoped for materialized. The Chargers got the quarterback the apparently wanted all along (Phillip Rivers) and three more draft picks from the Giants.

Still what a misserable prick, just like Elway... I'm not a big Skins fan, but I sure will be when they are playing the Giants. I hope LeVarr Arrington does a Lawrence Taylor/Joe Theisman on him...

Update: Vic Carucci at NFL.com chimes in with a similar sentiment.

Donald Sensing introduces Manning to the legacy of Pat Tillman.

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All the stories I saw said ... (Below threshold)

All the stories I saw said that the Chargers released it to the media... that it was actually something told to them by Manning and they chose to leak it yesterday or Thursday.

I don't know, Kevin, after ... (Below threshold)

I don't know, Kevin, after the Skins' little dance with Schottenheimer a few years back, I can't say I blame Manning for not wanting to go to San Diego. And he and his father were trying to go about it quietly, unlike Elway, and as Jeff said, the Chargers were the ones who publicized it.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. The Cowboys are gonna wipe up the NFC East, anyway. Although Gibbs does concern me.

I know what you are saying ... (Below threshold)

I know what you are saying but you have to understand Archie's thinking.

Archie could have been a hall of famer had he not but stuck in New Orleans his whole career. The Chargers are something like 43-85 since their last playoff appearance. Eli would have the same problems.

The difference between the two teams is dozens of millions of dollars, potential Superbowl MVP(s) and Hall of Fame status.

If that was your kid, you would have done the same thing.

um- In the interest of full... (Below threshold)

um- In the interest of full disclosure, I know the Manning family.... BUT having said that, you would be hard pressed to find a more gracious group of folks.

As already noted, Archie tried to do this quietly, the Chargers went to the media.

if he doesn't want to go to... (Below threshold)

if he doesn't want to go to San Diego, he shouldn't have to. If he's good enough to have a choice he should play where he's happy. It's better than to go and hate being there

Eh, he endedup in New Jerse... (Below threshold)

Eh, he endedup in New Jersey. That's like doing pennance.

I agree Kevin. The Elway/Ma... (Below threshold)

I agree Kevin. The Elway/Manning connection is valid. So I will mostly dismiss anything Manning manages to accomplish.

The square jawed (Clutch Cargo?) arrogant Elway set the precident, and its surprising many more haven't pulled the same BS.

I'm with Kevin on this. Bu... (Below threshold)

I'm with Kevin on this. But what really bothered me was how ESPN's analysts repeatedly referred to Manning as "classy" for going up to the podium and holding up the jersey. It was nothing of the sort. There's a lot middle ground between "prick" and "classy," and what Manning did probably falls somewhere in the neighborhood of "barely passable manners." Far short of classy. I'm also willing to bet that Tagliabue let the Manning family know in no uncertain terms that Eli had better be on that stage no matter who called his name.

I would hardly call not dra... (Below threshold)

I would hardly call not drafting E. Manning "tantamount to throwing away the pick." When you go 4-12 and get the #1 pick in the draft for the 2nd time in 5 years you have a lot more issues than who is playing QB. Like Wide Receiver, offensive line, defense, etc. They had a lot of holes to fill and would have been better served by keeping the Manning issue under the table and getting a better deal out of New York. Once they leaked it to the media they lost all leverage.

As far as Manning being a prick, I don't agree. For most players the draft is the only time in which they have any leverage against management regarding contract negotiations. Why shoud the "go along to get along"? Because we'd think more of them. Yeah sure, but they have to look out for their best intere$t$, namely getting paid and dictating where you will play. And for all the talk about the public hating athletes and being embarassed by thier behavoir I don't see any shortage of "outraged" people buying tickets to the games...

I don't see how we can crit... (Below threshold)

I don't see how we can criticize someone who has a choice for doing what he wants most. If Eli Manning wants to be a Giant or go to law school more than play NFL football for the Chargers, who are we to say he has to sign with the Chargers?






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