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Victory Coalition - Day 4 Schedule Of Activities

Note: Totals for Saturday have not been updated on the Spirit Of America Heros Of The Blogosphere Results page. Until proven otherwise, we claim victory for the day!

Go check out Michele's Quantity Is Job One post. It's a a good summary or where we stand and what we are working on.

Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest has worked with Spirit Of America before, and we're proud to have him on our side!

Visit VictoryBay for all of the Victory Coalitions current offers. It's where all the cool kids are going!

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Comments (4)

Okay. Thanks. Post and emai... (Below threshold)

Okay. Thanks. Post and email crossed. Ignore message about my cluelessness.

Now, I'm thinking of auctioning off some of my time as a professional manuscript and line editor. 30 years plus in the biz, edited lots of people such as, long ago, Steve King and, not so long ago, Robert Fulghum.

Usually bill my time at $200 per hour, but I could, say, offer 4 hours editing or manuscript consultation for highest bidder.

How would that work?

I've decided to give a day.... (Below threshold)

I've decided to give a day. Here's the offer. How is this set up so that we know what's been given? I am, as noted before, sort of clueless on the code.

Suggestions please.
Writers! Hereís Your Chance to Join the Exclusive and Expensive Gerard Van der Leun School of Famous Writers at a Discount

If you give the most to Spirit of America via The Victory Coalition Iíll give you a day of my professional life.

Why would you want that? Because I donít care who you are or what you write, you need editing and evaluation. And Iím the man to do it.

For over 30 years Iíve been working with writers of fiction and non-fiction to bring their manuscripts up to par. Iíve been a magazine editor and a book editor. Iíve seen it all and worked with the best and the worst. And Iíve made them better.

Among those writers I have worked with in the course of my career are people such as Steve King, R. Crumb, Harlan Ellison, Andre Dubus, and Robert Fulghum.

Iíve edited and published more than 200 books for the Houghton Mifflin Company where I worked as Senior Editor and Director of Trade Paperback Publishing. Iíve edited dozens of writers as a magazine editor for Earth Magazine, Viva Magazine, Omni Magazine and Penthouse Magazine.

Iíve written and had published two books of my own and ghosted a few as well. (No, you donít get to know which ones those were.)

My own magazine articles have been published in Time, Omni, Penthouse, and Wired among others.

Iím found among that rarest fauna of editors: the line editor. That means I donít just opine and book you on the nearest talk show and then take a long lunch at Michaels, I get under the hood of your writing with my blue pencil and mark it up until it bleeds and then help you stitch it back up.

I currently bill my time at $200 and hour and up, but you can have a day of my professional working life applied to your manuscript if yours is the highest bid to donate to The Victory Coalitionís Drive at Spirit of America.


That would be the offer.

Holy shit, Gerard. My ego j... (Below threshold)

Holy shit, Gerard. My ego just shrunk five sizes.

That's a hella fine item. I'd almost say put it up on eBay. Basically the same write-up with the payment options only something that can go quick like PayPal in order to make it in the contest dates.

The thing is that our commentary sections just don't work great for auction areas. Then again I did receive my first bid for the short story. And from a member of the competition. You see, they are powerless to resist us.

This disjointed commentary ... (Below threshold)

This disjointed commentary has been brought to you courtesy of Harp beer.






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