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Why Bush's Number Are Up

If you have not been living in a cave you have read somewhere that Bush's numbers are up despite the fact that the Democrats have been pummeling him on 9/11 and Iraq.

People keep speculating why but they miss the obvious. Look at the calendar.

Thousands of people who thought they had to pay taxes this year are getting money back. One of my customers saw the number $1900 on the bottom his tax return and thought that was what he had to pay. He swore his vote to George Bush when his accountant told him that was his refund.*

An elderly woman I know makes $18,000 a year. She was shocked to learn that she was one of the rich folks who got her taxes lowered. She is getting back $380 back this year more than she did in the last 4 years. (she owns her home clear and lives on a fixed income, her taxes are static)

The list goes on and on.

All over America people are feeling the tax cuts, big time. It puts the lie to the "tax cuts for the rich" myth and makes a difference in people's lives. If Kerry wants to run on a platform of repealing those tax cuts, he has a big problem.

*And he gave me some business too... whaddya know- trickle down does work!

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the cave isnt all that bad.... (Below threshold)

the cave isnt all that bad... you would think college would broaden the horizon so i would know these things but it has actually done the opposite and narrowed it to class and tests and finals

Four more years of Bush and... (Below threshold)

Four more years of Bush and we will be knocking the Mexicans from the orange trees so we Americans can have their jobs. Bush thinks that more people are working today than ever before. He had better remove his head from his ass and see what is going on in the USA






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