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Democrats With No Sense of Humor

Last week The New York Times inadvertently published a photo of Colorado Republican Senate candidate Pete Coors above a story about a KKK member who murdered a black sharecropper.

To his and his campaign's credit they laughed it off. Cinamon Watson, spokeswoman for Coors, said the error was "so outrageous it's kind of funny. It could have been worse. Pete could have been identified as John Kerry."

Now the Dems are feigning outrage again over that comment:

Colo. GOP's Statement on Kerry Draws Fire

...Chris Gates, chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party, demanded an apology. He said Democrats are "out there campaigning positively on the issues, and the Republicans can't help but resort to the lowest level of insult and name-calling."

Kerry spokesman Phil Singer said the comment was "the kind of thing people hate about politics."

One of the things people really hate about politics is moronic spokespeople.

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I have two words for Mr. Ga... (Below threshold)

I have two words for Mr. Gates, and they ain't "Happy Birthday."

The apology-seekers have overplayed their hand. At this point, they've got the dirty end of the stick. Much joy may it bring them.






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