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Senator Waffles™ Strikes Again.

Kerry has twisted his record into so many circles he now has a section on his own website called the "DBunker" to set the record straight. The problem is it is adding to the confusion.

During a war protest Senator Waffles threw somebody's Vietnam medals over the Whitehouse fence in protest. At the time he claimed they were his. Later the story broke that they were not his, that he pocketed his medals and threw either replicas or someone else's medals. The story keeps changing depending on who is is talking to.

Kerry put the issue thru his "DBunker" to debunk the "Rightwing Fiction" as he calls it:

Throwing Vietnam Medals

UPDATED 4.23.04

RIGHTWING FICTION: John Kerry threw away his medals during a Vietnam war protest.

FACT: John Kerry is proud of the work he did to end the Vietnam war. The Nixon Administration made John Kerry one of its targets and Kerry's rightwing opponents have been smearing him ever since. John Kerry threw his ribbons and the medals of two veterans who could not attend the event, and said “I am not doing this for any violent reasons, but for peace and justice, and to try to make this country wake up once and for all.” [Tour of Duty, Douglas Brinkley]

The first and most obvious question is, why does Senator Waffles need to quote a book about himself? It would be far easier to come out and say, "They were not my medals." Instead he brings waffling to new highs [or lows] by quoting someone else about himself. One obvious answer is that if he gets caught in a lie, he has an out, blaming it on Douglas Brinkley. He gives us Clintonian word parsing without even the charisma of Al Gore.

Whatever the case, it should be noted that it was updated 4.23.04 so this is obviously the story he is telling now. He also said the same thing Friday to the LA Times.

The problem is that roundly contradicts a video that Good Morning America is going to show tomorrow where in 1971 he said they were his medals.

Kerry is finding himself with a growing credibility problem. 30 years later, the ownership of the medals probably doesn't matter much to most voters. However, the fact Kerry can't keep his stories straight does.

UPDATE: ABC is all over it.

UPDATE2: Kerry replies on GMA and makes Clinton look sincere and Gore look honest.

Another Update: James takes the time to say almost exactly what I was thinking:

Frankly, if Kerry had childishly thrown his medals across the White House fence 33 years ago, it would have almost no bearing on his qualifications to be president today. The fact that he pretended to throw away his medals, presumably to pander to the more radical anti-war veterans he was leading, is a bit cheesy but, again, it was a long time ago and he’s certainly matured since then. Certainly George W. Bush doesn’t want to be judged on his actions from that period.

What is troubling, though, is this bizarre pattern of lying about these minor matters when it’s manifestly obvious that he’s lying. The situation itself is mildly embarrasing but a “I occasionally acted foolishly in my youth” statement would quash it within a single news cycle. Instead, as happened to Al Gore—by most accounts an otherwise honorable man—a perception will be created that Kerry is both dishonest and, frankly, just odd.


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Comments (7)

Great piece, Paul. B... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Great piece, Paul.
Boston talk show host Howie Carr has been all over MedalGate for a couple years now. I'm glad to see it get the national attention it deserves.

But could you please, PLEASE go back and edit your piece and replace "metal" with "medal?" The typo is driving me nuts.


And now if the Powers That ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

And now if the Powers That Be will just delete this comment and the previous one, all traces of that annoying typo will cease to exist.


aaaaaaarggggg!The ... (Below threshold)


The fact that I spelled it wrong was just a left wing lie. I actually spelled it right before I went back and spelled it wrong.

-Thanks- My brain was in a bucket I guess.

"What metal? There is no me... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"What metal? There is no metal, and there never was any metal! And even had there been any metal here, which there was not, we would have gloriously beaten it's stomach with our shoes! Anyone who says there was any metal here is a seriously, criminally deranged and psychopathic racist!"

So THAT'S what happened to the Iraqi Information Minister...


I started to do that but wh... (Below threshold)

I started to do that but what the hell, we all opps.

I'm not going to pull a Kerry over it.

And how dare George Bush an... (Below threshold)

And how dare George Bush and the Republicans complain about Paul's spelling when Dan Qualye can't even spell "potatoe"?

Heh,heh.. The right doesn't... (Below threshold)

Heh,heh.. The right doesn't even have to discredit him. Good ole' Waffles handles it all by himself. Sometimes he's for himself, sometimes he's against himself. ;o)






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