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SOA Offer - Free 64MB USB Disk Drive

Knowledge is power, or so the saying goes... I know of a major company that is giving away a 64MB USB Disk Drive (Plug and Play - Fits in your pocket - Works just like a hard disk) if you give them your name, business name, e-mail, and shipping address. The e-mail address can be a Hotmail or Yahoo address and there is no confirmation required.

If you donate $10 to Spirit Of America via The Victory Coalition I'll send you the link. E-mail me your proof of donation (PayPal receipt) and I'll send you the link.

vBay Listed!!! Look for this symbol for exclusive offers from The Victory Coalition, where Quantity Is Job #1™

The Victory Coalition's Online Marketplace

Update: This offer is now over. Visit the vBay site for others.


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Comments (2)

Man, 64MB used to sound lik... (Below threshold)

Man, 64MB used to sound like a lot--my first three computers had smaller hard drives. But now I'm thinking "What would I want with something that has only a 64MB drive?! It's hold like four MP3s."

I'm sure this thing actually has some utility I'm missing?

Carrying around documents w... (Below threshold)

Carrying around documents with you. Load your PowerPoint presentation on it and there's no need to bring a laptop. Shuttle files between work and home.

It's like a Zip drive without all the hassle...






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