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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ has concluded. I was certainly not let down by the number and quality of entries. Amish Tech Support almost ran the board. Here are the winners:

1) ( Laurence Simon ) - The American Kennel Society announces the standards for the newest recognized breed: The San Francisco Gloryhound.

2) ( Dr. Schloktopus ) - I was alright with the metal detectors and the physical searches, but when they installed the "Crotch Check" at the ticket counter, I descided to write my congressman.

3) ( Norbizness ) - For security reasons, prisoners at Doggie Guantanamo will be detained until the perp who took a dump on the White House lawn is given up.

Honorable Mention to Senator PhilABuster

No one correctly identified that this picture was the backside of the Houndorgan (for description see extended entry)

Select more to see Dill's Captions


ENGLAND - It’s spring, fox hunting time, that the means that the people of Dillshire in England will once again be graced with the melodious sound of the fabled Houndorgan. As is customary the intricate system of pulleys and cables that connects the keyboard to the hammers, that gently smack that hounds testicles, evoking that full rich sound, is hidden from view. The soulful sounds emanating from the Houndorgan are said only to be rivaled by the equally prestigious Beijing Cacaphonic Swine-ette, and then only when playing a rendition of the 1812 Overture.

As usual I had a couple of other ideas of my own for entries, One of mine is an embellishment on Dr. Schloktopus' caption.

AP BREAKING - Tom Ridge, Homeland security, has just announced the introduction of the Airport Crotch sniff terrorist detector. One whiff of sheep scent sets off the alarms and flashing lights. The device will not be deployed in Arkansas due to the large number of false positives that occured during testing.
Due to budget restrictions the device pictured, the Intern-O-Matic is being deployed at the White House and other Government offices.
"No Sven, you idiot, when I said I wanted ball washers installed I meant like they have at a golf course."

Until Friday

Comments (4)

Didn't make it for the cont... (Below threshold)

Didn't make it for the contest.

If I had - -
"These dogs remind me of the time I spent in Vietnam on my swift boat . . . I served in Vietnam, you know..and these dogs remind me of that time..on that boat... ~ John F. Kerry

Damn Lisa, that's pretty go... (Below threshold)

Damn Lisa, that's pretty good. Kerry jokes always go over well in the caption contests here.

Curses, foiled again...... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Curses, foiled again...


Victory is fleeting.... (Below threshold)

Victory is fleeting.






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