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A Wizbang PSA

I've been remiss in addressing a local politician so abhorrent it boggles the mind. Even by the modestly low standards we hold Congressmen to, Jim Moran (D-Va.) is an embarrassment to all Virginians. He is such a buffoon that it's really beyond partisan politics, he gives the whole Northern Virginia area a bad name by his continued presence in Congress.

Marc Fisher in the Washington Post's Metro column sums up the reasons that Moran should be an easy target:

Challenging Moran should be the easiest job in America. After all, this is the congressman who -- you'll need a deep breath to make it to the end of this sentence -- grabbed an 8-year-old boy in a parking lot because Moran thought the kid had threatened him; borrowed $25,000 from a drug company lobbyist five days before agreeing to co-sponsor a bill that would help that lobbyist's client; took a $447,000 loan from a credit company four days before signing on to legislation that the company was pushing; got into a shoving match on the House floor with one colleague; threatened to punch another congressman in the nose; and just last year told an audience that there'd be no war against Iraq without the support of the Jewish community. Whew.

He forgot the part about beating his ex-wife, but captures the essence of a man who can't even get backing from the Democratic party, and presumptive nominee Sen. John Kerry.

This morning I have contacted his Democratic primary opponent challenger, Andy Rosenberg to offer him free ad space. That's how much I want Moran defeated.

You can keep track of the monstrosity that is Jim Moran at Morantics.com


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The question in my mind is,... (Below threshold)

The question in my mind is, who is stranger? Moran, or the braindead masses that keep reelecting him? Or the local Democratic Party, who can't field a candidate to replace him?

Or probably those who should be most embarrassed about Moran's continued tenure: the local Republican Party officials who can't beat such a wounded opponent.

All of the above. Several ... (Below threshold)

All of the above. Several modestly big name Dems failed to challenge. The Republicans use the run the same guy every two years.

Virginia Republicans are at... (Below threshold)
David C:

Virginia Republicans are at least partially to blame for keeping this SOB in office by gerrymandering a "safer" seat to protect Tom Davis. Doing this required siphoning off Democrats from Davis to Moran, thus giving Moran a safer seat as well.

As one of the "disenfranchised" formerly in Davis' district and now in Moran's (thought I'd escaped him when I moved out of Arlington to Reston), I'd love to throw the bastard out.

I'm particularly embarrasse... (Below threshold)

I'm particularly embarrassed that this nitwit is a graduate of my alma mater (Holy Cross).






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