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Homeless At NYU

Live from the basement of the school library it's the homeless student blogger! From the his Live Journal user info page:

Hello folks, I'm Bobst Boy, a sophomore here at good 'ole NYU. I'm a English lit. major, specializing in creative writing. This semester because of financial reasons, I'm living at Bobst Library, trying to make it on my own in this heartless city we like to call New York. I'm just trying to make the best out of my situation, get some writing ideas and learn some lessons about people and about life. Check out my not-yet-done webpage for a FAQ about living in the library and some other junk.
If you read the linked article, the NYU administration comes off as acting remarkably decent.

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I knew a math grad student ... (Below threshold)

I knew a math grad student who lived in Bobst for a while. He lasted about two weeks, and moved back to California. At the time, the math building would be closed from midnight to 7am or so (I know, because I was there when it opened in the morning) -- so he, like other grad students, would move to Bobst Level A. Except around 5, when others went back to their apartments, he just fell asleep at one of the study desks.

I think Courant is open 24/7 now, so conceivably someone could live in their office now. If they kept the awesome lounge on the 13th floor open, you could get some excellent rest. I used to nap up there, and at certain times of day, all the couches in the math lounge were full up.

Ah, those were the days...






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