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Something To Look Forward To...

R&B artist Beyonce Knowles smiles as she performs during a sold-out show at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 16, 2004.

From The Daily Dish:

Beyonce Knowles enjoys sunbathing topless so much she paid a number of lookalikes to act as decoys to confuse marauding photographers.

The "Crazy In Love" singer, 22, was soaking up rays topless while holidaying with boyfriend Jay-Z in the south of France, when she hired a bevy of lookalikes to confuse paparazzi, so they would photograph them instead.

A source says, "Beyonce might flaunt some flesh on stage but she's very modest when she's not working.

"It cost her a small fortune to hire the decoys but she thought it was a small price worth paying."

Pictures are bound to turn up sooner or later, of course you know that you'll be able to find them here...


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Comments (17)

if she's "very modest", why... (Below threshold)

if she's "very modest", why is she sunbathing topless at all?

How unfortunate. So instead... (Below threshold)

How unfortunate. So instead of ONE topless Beyonce, you have, in effect, a beach full of topless Beyonces. Wow.

If I was the MOOSE that Bey... (Below threshold)

If I was the MOOSE that Beyonce was, the most naked you'd EVER see me was TOPLESS; I would never uncover that A$$.

Dude! I *so* thought that p... (Below threshold)

Dude! I *so* thought that picture was of Mariah Carey when I first saw it. EEK!

The fact that both sides of... (Below threshold)

The fact that both sides of her face were visible should have tipped you off it wasn't Mariah...

Those thighs! Those enormou... (Below threshold)

Those thighs! Those enormous thighs . . . *shudder*

Maura--Meow!... (Below threshold)


Well, my brother DOES call ... (Below threshold)

Well, my brother DOES call her "Bouncy"...

All the men I know are call... (Below threshold)

All the men I know are callin' her "Amazon." Can't I join in the fun?

Good god, Kevin. You're ri... (Below threshold)

Good god, Kevin. You're right!

hang on there chicks, Beyon... (Below threshold)

hang on there chicks, Beyonce has a fantastic body, and props to her that she's proud of it.

shouldn't those comments be coloured green? check the size of your own ass before criticising another's.

Had my nether regions been ... (Below threshold)

Had my nether regions been bigger? I'd not have said anything, 'cept that I wish I looked like her.

But they're not, so I don't.

I would just prefer to look at her dressed in more flattering, uh, clothing. It's certainly possible.

Just my two cents.


Good lord. Are we never hap... (Below threshold)

Good lord. Are we never happy? When the waif look is in, we bitch about how unrealistic such body types are and how harmful it is to girls' and women's self-esteem because it's an "ideal" most will never attain.

Now booty is in, complete with sturdy thighs, and we're bitching that women with such builds are "enormous"?!

I think she looks great, and I think it's wonderful that she feels comfortable with her body.

Point well-taken, Kate. Sh... (Below threshold)

Point well-taken, Kate. She seems very comfortable, which is certainly more important.

To descend into the vernacu... (Below threshold)

To descend into the vernacular:

"I'd do her."

I think she looks hot. Tho... (Below threshold)

I think she looks hot. Though when I saw the posted pic, I didn't realize it was her.

It's good to be Jay-Z. 8-)

'those thighs...shudder'...... (Below threshold)

'those thighs...shudder'...not even........i can imagine those thighs on either side of my head.....yum...and breasts that are the perfect handful...nothin' like a sturdily built woman.....but i cannot say i am into her musac.






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