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Spirit Of America Challenge - Day 5 Report Card

The Victory Coalition

Before we get to the standings I wanted to share with you proof that The Victory Coalition will do what it takes to defeat the bucketheads. First I will shamelessly expliot the my newborn son by enlisting him in the battle for your donations...

Click for full size version

Think of the children in Iraq forced to watch Al Jezzera. Give them a chance; give them an alternative. Donate!

Next, Michele answers the challenge!


Is that not worthy of your respect and better yet your dollars? That lady bleeds pinstripe blue, yet for the cause she dons the cursed red cap. You did notice the Red Sox cap didn't you?


Michele's picture is the result of a challenge auction from our exclusive Online Marketplace, vBay.

The Victory Coalition's Online Marketplace

Finally, The Base Crank is sharing with you his meeting with Teddy Ballgame himself, Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams.

So while the shiny metal bucket crew is offering you, as best we can determine, used undergarmets and wardrobe accessories The Victory Coalition is pouring our heart and soul into the competion. Make you donations through the coalition that cares, and do it for the kids...


On to the standings. The Victory Coalition remains in second, though the ground we made up on the Fusileers has been lost.

Total RaisedAmount Raised
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!$13327.49
The Victory Coalition$9128.44
Liberty Alliance$3829


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Comments (3)

If nothing else, with all t... (Below threshold)

If nothing else, with all the blogger cleavage we're generating pictures of, we'll have dragged down the tone of the 'net a few notches!


It's a good thing SWWBO is out of town, who knows where desperation might lead us!

But we're still ahead! Neener neener neener!

Oh - and ya aren't even original! I was called buckethead in high school, cuz' this huge ol' melon required a custom-made football helmet. So, hah!
I snortle at your paltry attempts at insults!

If I were a french kniggit, I would wave my private parts at you!

Oh, cute kid, too. But it'... (Below threshold)

Oh, cute kid, too. But it's always a sign of imminent collapse when a regime starts drafting the children.

Kevin, I think I'll join th... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I think I'll join the fray on Wednesday. I'll do the same thing as Michele: Question and answers. I'll see if I can get my readers to pony up a few bucks.






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