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Terrorists Are Attacking Our Movie Stars!

The teenage girls are going to be "like totally pissed"...

News WebIndia - "Pirates of The Caribbean" star Orlando Bloom had to be rushed off to safety along with rest of the crew after suspected terror attacks on the sets of his new movie.

According to IMDb, the star who is currently in Morocco for the shooting of Ridley Scott's movie "Kingdom of Heaven," had to stop filming after blasts were heard.

Update: If terrorists are looking for a ripe target, perhaps the set of the biopic on former Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited frontman Johnny Rotton, starting (of all people) Justin Timberlake would be a good place to start.

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Well, I'll certainly agree ... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll certainly agree that JT is rotten.

WTF? Please, please tell me... (Below threshold)

WTF? Please, please tell me I am WRONG in construing that Timberlake is playing the part of Rotten.

What michele said! That can... (Below threshold)

What michele said! That can't be true . . .

Them turrrists probly misto... (Below threshold)

Them turrrists probly mistook Orlando as a bearded lady, those affronts to Allah that they are. No news on whether Elijah Wood will be mistaken for a homo and be threatened as well...






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