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A $10,000 Haircut?

Drudge has the story that apparently Kerry flew his hair stylist into Pittsburgh to get a fresh haircut for Meet the Press. The speculation is that he flew Isabelle Goetz in on his wife's Gulfsteam V jet. Drudge quotes a source that the haircut cost Kerry $1,000 because of that.

It is plainly evident Drudge does not own a Gulfstream V.

G5's cost about $5000 per hour to operate even if you own it. More if it is a fractional ownership or lease. If you flew a Gulfsteam V from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh and back the bill would be $10,000 or more.

This story is too good to be true. If Kerry flew his private stylist in on a 40 million dollar jet, burning all that jet fuel while he is saying us common folk should not be allowed to drive SUV's, it will be a gaff that will make the Dean Scream look small.


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Hey, aren't you the guy who... (Below threshold)

Hey, aren't you the guy who accused Democrats of "Scraping the very bottom of the barrel" in their criticisms?

Yes I am.Do you th... (Below threshold)

Yes I am.

Do you think it is good politically to go around saying people should not be driving SUV's while you jet your barber around the country burning a thousand pounds of jet fuel? (assuming it is true)

If you think that is a good way to campaign please, RUN, don't walk to volunteer for Kerry's campaign.

Who cares?I wouldn... (Below threshold)

Who cares?

I wouldn't expect him to use a Flowbee.

Get a life.

I wonder if Kerry used camp... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Kerry used campaign funds for this project or his own funds. Just curious seeing as how Kerry is always complaining about the "Republican war chest" he's up against.

If I had contributed to the Kerry campaign and found out that he used campaign funds to fly his hairdresser in, I wouldn't be very happy.

Hey, why don't you post abo... (Below threshold)

Hey, why don't you post about how my Republican party is supposed to be in favor of decreased government spending and then goes increasing education spending by 40%.

That's a bigger deal (in financial and political terms) than a haircut, IMHO.

That's Funny... I noticed y... (Below threshold)

That's Funny... I noticed you have a blog. I also went back and looked and I've never told you how to post on it. LOL

Seems to me that this post ... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that this post is on the haircut. If you want a discussion about Republican spending then look for a post on that and discuss at length.






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