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I'm Feeling Pingy

The whole Spirit of America Challenge has been and continues to be an awesome personal experience. I'm sorry if it has dominated the blog the past 5 days, but that's life...

I've received so many trackbacks (many of them duplicates) that I've had to add Stepan Riha's Avoiding Duplicate Trackback Pings hack to eliminate duplicate trackbacks. I used to use MT-Blacklist to manually delete duplicated, but honestly I don't know why I didn't install this hack sooner.

Note: The instructions are out of date for current versions of Blacklist. The hack has to be made extlib/jayallen/MTBlPing.pm (not Blacklist.pm).

If you're technically challenged I will do a full MT-Blacklist install (with this hack integrated) in return for a NEW $10 or more donation to Spirit of America via The Victory Alliance. New contributions only please...

Comments (3)

Good hack. I'm really conf... (Below threshold)

Good hack. I'm really confused as to why MT doesn't do this by default. There's also a hack on that site to avoid duplicate comments.

2.661 has comment throtling... (Below threshold)

2.661 has comment throtling so the duplicate comment hack is not as necessary.

Don't forget about security... (Below threshold)

Don't forget about security. Secureroot.org






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