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Paul Harvey Would Puke…

…if he read this story, but I swear every detail is true.

I was at a gas station yesterday – at one of those increasingly-rare full-service stations. The attendant approached the window and heard I was listening to a talk show discussing the war on terror (Jay Severin, “Extreme Games,” weekdays 3-7 on WTKK, 96.9 out of Boston).

“You know, we’re not so far from a Muslim nation,” he remarked.

I didn’t quite know how to react. “Hm? What do you mean?”

“I am from Lebanon.” (No, it didn’t make sense to me then, and it still doesn’t, but it’s what he said.)

“Really? I was born in Lebanon myself,” I answered. He started and began to smile until I added, “Lebanon, New Hampshire.”

He started to frown. “Americans are always taking the names of other places and using them for themselves.”

I bit back the brief twinge of irritation I felt, and instead forced a slightly thoughtful tone into my voice. “No, I don’t think that’s the reason. America is made up of people who came here from all over the world, and I think they named places to remind them of where they came from. New Hampshire’s got a Lebanon, Milan, Berlin, Manchester, Portsmouth, Canaan, Hebron, Canterbury… there’s a China and Paris in Maine… only places with Native American Indian names are named by the people who were here first, like Lake Winnipesaukee and the Ompompanoosuc River.”

He got a little thoughtful himself. “I never thought of it that way.”

I gave a rueful chuckle. “I never did before, either, until you mentioned it.”

He hustled off to attend to another customer, and it left me to thinking about all the implications behind a “melting pot” and a “nation of immigrants.”

Purity is overrated. The purest iron is virtually useless next to alloys. Purebred dogs are prone to genetic ailments, while mutts can be virtually indestructible. Pure oxygen can kill you. Pure sodium and pure chlorine will, too, but when blended, are critical to life. Hybrid crops and flowers thrive. And dammit, the Politically Correct crowd is actually on to something – one of our greatest strengths is our diversity.


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And New Hampshire is, well,... (Below threshold)

And New Hampshire is, well, New Hampshire.

Jay Severin would puke, too... (Below threshold)

Jay Severin would puke, too, considering he recently advocating killing all the Muslims.

BLT, he denied it. Further,... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

BLT, he denied it. Further, the Boston Globe today published a "clarification" about Severin's remarks. See Sunday's Boston Globe for details.

I'm not a huge Severin fan, but listen on occasion when I'm on the road. He can be thought-provoking, even though he's a Pat Buchanan backer.


I don't know, I read the Wa... (Below threshold)

I don't know, I read the WaPo article and don't see any substantive difference between what he actually said and the charges. He's clearly talking about Muslims in this country with the caller - and he says that he thinks we should kill them.

And I never thought he actually said "kill all the Muslims"...but he doesn't exactly make a distinction between "all Muslims" and the leaders. In fact, from his words, the best you can offer is that he was only talking about "the vast majority."

...but I read my blog comme... (Below threshold)

...but I read my blog comments finally and realize you don't really want to get into a big discussion - and who can blame you? I just want to say (since Haloscan on my end is being ridiculous) that I appreciated the story and didn't mean to detract from it.

I had to edit my earlier co... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I had to edit my earlier comment -- the full link seemed to be breaking Kevin's page. Here is the link to the Boston Globe story about Severin and CAIR.






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