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Reality TV Gone Mad!

From the NY Post.


April 28, 2004 -- A giant-sized controversy is brewing over a baby adoption special on "20/20" - and sending ABC execs into a tailspin. Millions of viewers across the country watched in surprise over the weekend as the network aired a sensational promo for Friday's segment, which pits five desperate couples against each other for the privilege of adopting a 16-year-old's baby.

A very personal, intimate process was made to look like a reality-show contest, with prospective parents dubbed "winners" and "losers."

Holy Crap!

A million bucks... OK
Paying off a mortgage? Fine
A Marriage between two (stupid) consenting adults... Knock yourself out.

But a child? A Freaking child?

What on earth are Barbara Walters and 20/20 thinking? What is that kid's life going to be like when the kids at school find out his mother gave him away so he could be the prize on a game show.

And where the HELL is Hillary? She thinks it takes a freaking village to raise a child, why doesn't she come out and speak on behalf of this child?

Where are all the do good social workers that want to arrest you if you slap a child's hand when he is reaching for the stove?

Talk about jumping the shark.... Barbara Walters, ABC News and 20/20 have jumped the whole freaking Great Barrier Reef during mating season.


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Comments (11)

Please, for the love of eve... (Below threshold)

Please, for the love of everything that is good in this world, tell me this is a hoax. Please.

I saw the commercial last n... (Below threshold)

I saw the commercial last night and Beautiful Wife and I just stared at each other when it was over.

Thanks Paul, 'chelle, I thought we were the only ones who thought, "Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?"

...And if homosexual couple... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

...And if homosexual couples are not allowed to compete, then there is obvious discrimination going on.

What's next in Reality TV?<... (Below threshold)

What's next in Reality TV?

A cosmetic surgery makeover show for teenagers! My friends in L.A. have heard this floating around as a possible MTV project.

Here are a few fictional ones:

1) Below the Belt -- A series that fouses on "male enlargement." Ten "size-challenged" men must compete to see who can get it bigger.

2) I Married A Hobo -- A filty homeless man kidnapped from Skid Row and given an extreme makeover. Then, ten unsuspecting fashion models compete to be his bride.

3) Extreme Baby Makeover -- Ugly babies are transformed into lil' cuties through cosmetic surgery.

yeah - and what about the d... (Below threshold)

yeah - and what about the dad of the child? not for nothing. what the heck's next? Walter Cronkite hosting "Average Stem Cell"?

How about:A Clo... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

How about:

A Clone Of Your Own

This is beyond ridiculous. ... (Below threshold)

This is beyond ridiculous. Please say it's a hoax.


A hoax with nationally-run ... (Below threshold)

A hoax with nationally-run commercials? Now that would take some balls. This is network TV we're talking about, which continues to suffer ratings losses... this is just the inevitable evolution of reality TV.

The day will come when peop... (Below threshold)

The day will come when people in America hear ABC and think it's the Australian broadcaster.

And what a grand day it will be.

Queer Eye for the Straig... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy could be a contest where straights vie for cornea transplants from gay donors.

I'm doing a project on Real... (Below threshold)
Maria Aitken:

I'm doing a project on Reality TV and whether it's a psychological experiment or a promotional setup (we all know the answer to that one!) but anyone interested in sharing their views, especially if you have expertise in this area, please let me know. Bear in mind your response may be used in my project. Thanks!






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